That’s what I think after reading both documentations, mind you, I didn’t use any of them. JQuery lacks support for the core of javascript, function binding, object cloning, thread stacking, to name a few. Sometimes open source frameworks think of the documentation as being secondary (you have the code after all, right?) However, well maintained documentation is vitally important. JQuery might be THE BEST JavaScript framework, but that does not make it a solo player.

Why is jQuery so popular

Using Angular in conjunction can help you write and execute codes more niftily. Using jQuery can be a blessing, only when it’s done right. There are multitudes of ways you can get the code and the designs wrong!

Unobtrusive by Design

He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance. There are so many reasons which ensures why jQuery is one leading option for you to consider. Going through the options will definitely lead you to some greater values to consider in life.

No more expensive coding classes, no more certification courses. You can learn all you need to know about using jQuery from YouTube videos. Make sure to reduce the HTML tagging to maximum as that might help.

Reasons Why We Still Use jQuery in 2021

Remember, this was before Google Chrome had come along to shake things up, so it was an era of little browser innovation. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had 85-90% of the browser market, with IE6 the dominant version. Even at the time, IE6 had a reputation as a historically bad browser. One example that really shows the value in having these plugins is when a design requires a carousel. If we had to write our own carousel slider, it could potentially be 8-16 hours of work.

Why is jQuery so popular

While some of the novice programmers will appreciate stuff that can be learned quickly, old hands would love programing tools, designed solely for maintaining simplicity of using high on agenda. This programming language will definitely score high on this factor as it is developed not just to extent APIs but to enable delivery of higher UX. The ease of use and functionality are some of the main reasons on why it emerged to be a favorite with web developers. Since core features are relegated from the core library, it means there is a host of plugins in jQuery. In simple terms, plugins have helped expand the library and making it even easier to create more.

Is jQuery Still Relevant?

As for plugins, the App store for apple has what… Sure there’s a lot of plugins to JQuery, but the ratio of trash to worth-while is great. If you decide to go jQuery after all, think hard before deciding whether to tack on an OO library. There are some cool ones (like JS.Class or Joose), but taking that step means isolating yourself from how most JavaScript programmers code. MooTools introduces OO thinking, which is nice, but not what I need.

  • Knowing your framework is much more important than choosing one because of this or that.
  • Technologies like AngularJS, React & VueJS came and they made JQuery look obsolete.
  • I do value my employees opinion but lately we’ve been divided as to which framework to use on web projects.
  • Web developers and programmers are always in the hunt for some new techniques and mandatory tools, which will help them to gain flexibility and improve performance of websites.
  • If you start writing large, heavy-duty js apps, you might run into some of the drawbacks of that approach, but again 95% of the folks writing js don’t do that, so those things don’t matter to them.

I’m a Javascript purist myself and prefer to do things my own way, so jQuery isn’t quite my style. That being said, it definitely serves an important purpose and it does it well; it makes Javascript highly accessible. It allows developers to make functional and consistent applications without worrying about the finer details like cross-browser compatibility. A fine user community stands behind jQuery and further simplifies development by being there to lend a hand when things don’t go as expected. You’re actually giving a good example of my point right there.

The Complete Guide to jQuery

This resulted in a great readability and ease of use revolution as far as javascript is concerned. The jQuery library is still one of the most popular libraries seen in legacy code. Its mantra of writing less to do more makes it still a popular library to continue to use today. JQuery was my first stepping stone to writing JavaScript, its simple syntax was definitely easier to understand than vanilla Javascript when first starting out. JQuery was forward thinking and kept CSS selectors in the forefront.

I really like that jQuery lets me programmatically make stuff that looks appealing. Given that, it seems that MooTools does everything jQuery does and more but jQuery has a smaller learning curve. Its use of CSS selector syntax for selection of elements was also something I did not see before and makes it a very low barrier of entry for designers who know CSS really well but not javascript.

However, it takes proper training on certain skills in order to use it effectively. It also makes it very simple things that were hitherto quite complicated like DOM manipulation and AJAX calls. It is quite evident that considering the huge volume of deployment across the world, jQuery is today perhaps the most preferred web development software. Despite advantages of jquery its enormous usage, developers today may not even be aware that they’re using jQuery. That’s because it’s embedded in a number of large projects — most notably, the WordPress platform. The jQuery library is also a foundational layer of some of today’s most popular JavaScript frameworks and toolkits, like AngularJS and Bootstrap (version 4.0 and below).

It has a relatively good documentation, lot of live examples and lot of plugins and libraries you can just unzip in your project to use. My main reason for falling in love with jQuery was because it fixed all the browser quirks when I found other libraries were buggy at times. JQuery is a lightweight, open-source JavaScript library that helps us build interactive web pages with animations, visual effects, and advanced functionality. It is the most popular JavaScript library, used by around 70 million websites worldwide. Learn the most popular JavaScript libraryGet introduced to jQuery and learn how to build interactive web pages with animations, visual effects, and advanced functionality.

Why Outdated jQuery Is Still the Dominant JavaScript Library

That’s the reason most people choose to go with jQuery as their JavaScript library. It keeps their coding process lighter, so they can also focus on the design aspects of their projects. Ask any leading web agency New Yorkor any other local IT agency around you and they will cite the following reasons for staying in love with jQuery. Fast and light are some of the other characteristics of jQuery, which you might want to consider. Developers are well delighted with the jQuery as the bandwidth gets to be occupying a paltry 24KB with proper removal of some of the main functions from library.

Improve your Coding Skills with Practice

In MooTools you create a class, in jQuery you write 1-2 lines of js. MT’s approach is fitting if your goal is to build a complicated app in js, but most people are using js simply to achieve a special effect, and that’s generally one line of jQuery code. I’m not saying jQuery is always better, I’m saying “horses for courses.” Quite often what you’re trying to do can be done quicker and easier in jQuery, hence its popularity.

However, Gołębiowski-Owczarek acknowledged that jQuery may have performance issues for large-scale applications. If we found more than one link on our page that used HTTP we would quickly realize that the vanilla Javascript version is severely lacking in one area. We are always looking for talented people who enjoy life and want to be on our team. Yes, just as well or better than any other JavaScript library. I’ve never used MooTools personally but I have no doubt that its a fantastic library that offers some acceptable equivalent to most any jQuery feature or concept, but point #1 takes the cake for me. Yes, it’s kinda out of place here, but that’s the main reason jQuery has a larger base than MooTools.

There is a huge collection of extensions in the JavaScript library that you can just throw together to create a power-packed experience. Next, always check the age of the library you are adding to your code. Seriously old libraries can become a burden, especially the ones that offer IE8 and IE7 support. Right now, almost everyone knows that website design is not just a coder’s job or an artist’s job. One needs to be a coder with an artist’s perception to create the perfect website.

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There are so many ways to do it that one JavaScript Programmer might be using Base2 for OO, while another uses Prototype or Moo or JS.Class or Joose. Resig deliberately decided not to add classes to jQuery, and that has encouraged people to find more native JavaScript ways to solve problems. On top of that, the jQuery plugin library is huge, and I’ve found quite a few libraries that simplify my client-side work. You are very familiar with mootools and take full advantage of its OOP model, making your code easier to manage and support already.

Despite its many advantages, JavaScript and jQuery usage come with its own set of negatives that can seriously impact on the SEO performance of the website. This makes it essential to execute strategies to ensure that the use of jQuery does not lead to sub-par SEO performance. According to theHuffPostit is important to execute a thorough SEO performance audit of the website before starting to tweak it for better page rankings. Finally, jQuery code has supporting unit tests that ensure that the code isn’t going to break due to an update to the core libraries. This, coupled with the fact that the release notes are well maintained makes adoption and upgrading a much easier task. No crazy checks littering my code to determine what the user agent was.

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